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Notion Construction Templates

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Notion Home Construction and Renovation Budget

🔨 A ready-to-use Home Renovation/Remodel/New Build Construction budget in Notion – PLUS a Contractor Management template

If you’re looking for a way to track your Construction or Renovation expenses in Notion, this is the template that can do it.

❌ Don’t lose $1,000s just because you aren’t staying on budget and tracking every expense.


Notion Home Designs Option Tracker

Quickly save all your design ideas and keep track of your final design options with the House Design Options database system.

You can save images and URLs while you’re browsing the internet, or just enter in ideas that pop in your head.

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FREE – Notion Home Construction and Renovation Checklist

Get a free Home Construction and Renovation Checklist.

You can easily check off your list of tasks when building or renovating your house. Includes items such as Plumbing, Doors, Windows, and more.

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